Trouble Retaining Good People On Your Teams Or In Your Company?

Here are 4 key steps to fixing the issue (as well as other ways of retaining your top talent).

Traditional advice from sources like the Wall Street Journal for how to retain employees and top talent includes a myriad of suggestions.

They often will tell you to do things like:

  • Have a competitive benefits package (flextime, telecommuting, retirement plans)
  • Provide some small perks and Incentives (better coffee in break room, fresh snacks or cookies in the afternoons, financial rewards for a job well done, etc.)
  • Give people more definitive job titles
  • Have a strong HR presence

While these suggestions are good, they often don’t address the reasons at the root of what encourages people to stay, as well as what may cause them to leave.

Providing Benefits To Attract and Retain Top Talent

While having a good benefits package may help you to attract top talent to your company, they may not like the team that they are a part of. People will quit a job, but they won’t quit on friends and family. How are you making your team more like a family by offering a benefits package?

Retaining good people with perks like cupcakesProviding Perks And Incentives To Get Them To Stay

Providing small perks and incentives are also a great way to have team members feel great at your company, but the idea of perks and incentives can get old and wear of quickly, if there isn’t constantly a new perk or incentive.

Titles Can Lead to a Sense of EnTITLEMent

Giving people stronger titles can make them feel empowered and feel that they are moving up in the ranks and being promoted from within, but the expectations that come with new titles (of higher salaries and a sense of enTITLEment) can have devastating consequences on team morale if not kept in check.

Is Human Resource Management the Answer?

Having a strong HR department can also be great if your Human Resources manager really knows how to connect with the team members you’d most like to retain. But very often, your top talent will be turned off, rather than feel included, by a third party that can seem like they are there to protect the company more than the people within the company.

So what’s a simpler way to attract and retain good people?

In contrast, you can follow these 4 simple steps offered by Misti Burmeister’s coaching, and not only attract and retain top quality talent for your company, you can also retain the enthusiasm people initially exhibit when they start working as part of your company (and the teams within your company).

Here are the 4 Steps to Retaining Good People (and their Enthusiasm)

  1. Know their why
    (what are they hoping to achieve)
  2. Find out what they think they need in order to be successful at the company or in their career?
  3. Take responsibility for getting them what they need in order to succeed in the role
  4. Say thank you (and be specific) in the kinds of praise you offer to your team

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