Many people have accidentally provoked greatness, but most leaders want to know what it takes to get others to live into their potential, on purpose.

“Misti, if I could take a wire, insert it into your mouth, travel it down your arms to your finger tips, we’d have a writer on our hands today,” Ms. Cays, my high school English teacher said to me.

“I do talk a lot,” I thought, “I wonder if I could talk with my fingers?”

A writer was born that day.

But, that was on accident. Believe, I know – I called to thank her. She doesn’t remember saying those words. Ha!

Is there a way to provoke your team… into their greatness? Absolutely! But how?

Recently, I heard an awesome story about Gandhi that is the foundational answer to this question. Here it is:

“Gandhi,” a woman asked, “Will you tell my son to stop eating sugar, please?”

“Come back in two weeks,” Gandhi said.

Two weeks later, she came back and asked the same question.

“Stop eating sugar,” Gandhi said to the son.

“Why did you make me wait two weeks?” the woman asked.

“Because two weeks ago I was eating sugar,” Gandhi said.

So perfect!

This story gets to the heart of Gandhi’s famous saying, “Be the change you wish to see.” We must be willing to set big goals, run after them, and share our journey (successes and failures) if we want to provoke greatness in others.

Listen in for more specifics about how to provoke greatness, in yourself and others.

Are you reaching for your greatness? What are your goals, and how can I help you get there?

Here’s To Your Greatness,

Misti Burmeister

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