As I was leaving the gym a few weeks ago, I met a gentleman who I ended up sparking up a conversation with about my new book, Hidden Heroes.  When I told him the title, he said something that stung my heart: “There’s a severe lack of heroes in this world. All our children have to look up to today are movie stars and musicians.”

A year ago, I would have agreed with him. But as he walked away, I kept thinking, “If he could only see – if we could only see!”

Writing Hidden Heroes took me on a sort of in-ward, out-ward journey to discovering the hero that exists right inside of me. Beyond witnessing and appreciating the core of who I am, I also began seeing the heroes all around me – my family and friends, mentors and teachers, business associates, and even perfect strangers who have taken the time to share their gifts and kindness with me. Instead of looking for some media station or public figure to tell me who I should I admire, I began seeing heroes everywhere – hidden in plain sight!

When we open our eyes, see, acknowledge and appreciate these phenomenal people, our worlds transform, and A Million Fireflies will grace our lives.

With this in mind, I’d like to extend a challenge to all of us – to acknowledge the everyday heroes that light up our lives. Join me in posting their names and appreciating the gifts they are.

Join us on May 24th as we formally acknowledge our incredible heroes: