A response to the following article: https://blogs.watoday.com.au/executive-style/managementline/2009/07/31/genxleaders.html The most important focus of this article is our need for excellence through leadership. While the article focuses on how Boomers are existing and Xers are taking over, the more important dialogue is about strengthening the leadership ability across generations. Leadership is demonstrating a clear commitment to the success of those on your team. If you want loyal employees, consider how you can show them how loyal you are to their success. Yes, it`s about the mission AND it`s about helping your team understand their contribution toward achieving the vision. This is cross-generational. Anyone can take a stand for uniting their team, regardless of age. Our differences fade when we focus on our common vision. Both young and seasoned professionals can garner respect simply by respecting the options/ideas of all members of their team. It`s when a leader thinks he needs to have all the answers that they fail in their leadership. Set the vision, communicate it clearly and consistently, show all your team members how their contribution matters, recognize outstanding effort and ensure they are reaching their career goals. That is leadership! Yes, generational differences are important to understand – more important are the commonalities. Where`s your focus? Rock on! Misti Burmeister