In a recent article – author quoted Dianah Worman, Adviser, Diversity …

“The more you inspect the diversity agenda, the more it is apparent that focusing on people as individuals and delivering fairness for everyone is vitally important to become an employer of choice.”

Becoming an employer of choice continues to be a strong area of interest for many companies. They try implementing every strategy in order to become an employer of choice. The theory is if they do all the right things, they will be given the attention they need to both attract and retain talented people.

This whole idea sorta reminds me of the “no student left behind” act. No teacher wants to fail (or lose their job), so of course they are going to teach specifically to the test, even if the material isn’t what students need to learn to be successful in life.

Most companies that focus on winning awards, win the award. When they focus on creating a culture in which all generations can thrive, they will win in many ways, such as employee loyalty, increased motivation, inspired innovation, increased revenue and perhaps an award.

While these awards are helpful because they encourage companies to look at innovative ways to retain their talent, they can also become distractions. Focus on creating an excellent culture and you’ll win awards. Keep the main thing the main thing. Companies like Toyota and Google are shining examples of how to create a culture in which people want to contribute to the mission, collaborate with each other and remain loyal to the brand.

Rather than focusing on passing tests or winning awards, school systems and companies would do better to focus on developing teachers and creating a stronger company culture.

What’s your focus?

Rock on!

Misti Burmeister