Why You’re Failing To Engage Me

Many studies, such as this one conducted by Deloitte, clearly demonstrate that employees are overwhelmed, and not engaged.

Not engaged? Okay, I buy that. But overwhelmed?

They’re underwhelmed, if anything. Sure, maybe they’re overwhelmed with tasks, but they’re vastly underwhelmed when it comes to the opportunity to contribute their talents, passion, and creativity.

Have you ever unknowingly spent several hours running through drills in preparation for a big competition? Maybe sports aren’t your thing. Maybe it’s sewing, gardening, or building something you care about.

Have you ever watched a passionate athlete devote hours every single day to perfecting their craft? Have you ever witnessed a student devote years of their life to getting that degree?

What is it that compels us to achieve such extraordinary feats? Is it compensation? How about a fancy office? Or, a big title, with lots of authority? Is it, in fact, a cool work environment, with tasty food and beverage everywhere, and a list of values on the wall?

None of the above! Though, many corporate leaders are now focusing heavily on that final one… the cool office space. They see that Google and Zappos (among others) have done it, so they mimic the work environment and scratch their heads when the revolving door continues to spin.

While I’m all for borrowing good ideas (mimicking), there’s a critical piece the vast majority are missing when it comes to company culture. This missing piece is leading them to purging millions (in some cases, billions).

Think about the time and dollars required to bring someone on board, and then the amount of opportunity lost in complacency, turnover, and disengagement. Not to mention the innovative ideas, and positive publicity lost every time an employee leaves.

What is it, then, that will get those top-notch professionals to stay, the mediocre ones to perform, and the world to begin shouting your company name, as the most awesome employees begin sending their resumes in droves?

Maybe the trick lies in becoming a “Best Places To Work?” I’ve seen that strategy waste an abundance of time and money.

So, what is the missing piece to the puzzle? Authenticity. Simply checking all the boxes for best practices will never have you stand out. Knowing what you stand for… will!

When you know what your striving to achieve and why, you’ll have the foundation for your empire of exceptionality. Discover what outcome (vision, quest, mission) hooks you, drives your passion, and serves your customers.

Once you figure that out, you’ll have the essential ingredient absent in more than 90% of leaders across the globe.

Most leaders want their employees to care, even though they don’t. Figure out what you care about – uncover (or, in some cases, simply articulate) your quest – and you’ll attract others who care.

People put countless hours into projects that are meaningful. Find the meaning in yours, share it, and connect the world to your brand.

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