Being with difficult emotions can be challenging for all of us. We can feel like we’re insufficient to handle the challenges and difficult emotions life presents.

And yet, we have such incredible power to see and acknowledge other people, for their beauty and strength.

Through that acknowledgement, we empower others to see the beauty in themselves.

Acknowledge the beauty, the greatness, the awesomeness inside of someone else, and you give them strength to deal with life’s difficult emotions.

Someone I barely know empowered me with such simple words on the back of a gum wrapper. And it meant the world to me to receive that acknowledgement.

“You are a beautiful work of art” were the words I found on the inside of the wrapper.

Her encouraging and empowering words couldn’t have come at a better time, helping me to overcome (or at least reassess) the difficult emotions I’ve been dealing with.

Look for the gifts and the beauty in someone today. When you see something great in someone else, say something great to them!

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Here’s to your greatness,

Misti Burmeister