“Before you can inspire with emotion, you must be swamped with it yourself. Before you can move their tears, your own must flow. To convince them, you must yourself believe.” Winston Churchill

What comes to mind when you hear the word provoke? Most people have negative associations with the word. I like this Merriam-Webster definition of provoke: to provide the needed stimulus for.

When complacency and survival overtakes a thriving and effective team, you have three choices as the team leader: ignore their gifts, address them poorly, or provoke their hidden potential. Greatness lies inside all of us: that includes you and your team members.Provoking Greatness by Misti Burmeister

My new book Provoking Greatness: Unleashing Hidden Potential officially launches today! It contains powerful advice on how to

  • Spur you and your team into action
  • Sell your vision
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Breed creativity

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Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the book!

Here’s to Your Greatness!

Misti Burmeister